Europa on old hardware

Eclipse Europa is out. I have it on my work laptop, the home dev box, the work computer, and now on the Missus roving celebrity web checking machine that is the laptop around the house.

This is a IBM T23 ThinkPad that I picked up on ebay for 200 bucks. P3 256MB with a 30 Gig HD. With a new refurbished battery from the good folks at Battery-Refill and an older battery in the superbay slot I got on ebay yet again for about 15 bucks. So we can get about 6 hours on the thing at full charge.

Tuesday night I’m lounging on the couch thinking I could fire up my hp nx9660 and try to manage the 10lb beast and try not to catch my pants on fire OR see if the very small install 75mb install of Europa would work. Sure enough I ssh’ed the home dev box, downloaded the install, unzipped/untarred it and fired it up. My machine slooooowed to a crawl.

Then I had an idea. Throw BlackBox on and see if that works. Suddoed APT-Getted the appropriate stuff logged out. Gently asked the GDM to log me in as a BlackBox seesion fired up the terminal and launched Europa.

DANG! It was fast. A handful of processes and I was in Europa Heaven. The neat little effects when you do the CTRL-M to maximize you editor worked great in the GTK environment. I was now sitting on the couch without a fire extinguisher next to me while coding some katas and watching Eureka.

Overall Europa performed quite well for what I was doing. It just shows the impressive progress that the eclipse community has put into this release. I don’t think I could use that hardware with a JEE server on it … well maybe Jetty.

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